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Robbie Smith, Director: Heritage Pet Products

We delve into the mail order business world as we chat to Robbie Smith, director of Heritage Pet Products. Where does this established business have its roots? And what helped it survive the pandemic?

During lockdown and following it, we have heard our share of stories about new businesses starting up and thriving. We thought it was about time we heard of a well-established company coming out the other side. For Heritage Pet Products in Hamworthy, and its director Robbie Smith, COVID-19 brought its share of challenges to overcome, but also had its benefits (at the risk of sounding crass…)

In our interview with Robbie, we found out where Heritage has its beginnings, and how they were able to get through the pandemic.

Find out more about Heritage and their products on their Amazon and eBay pages. Click here for more local business stories. And don’t forget to follow us on our social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube!

Dan Rushton
Dan Rushton
Dan is a Birmingham-born lad who moved down to Brighton in the summer of 2019 to pursue a career in PR within the entertainment technology industry. The events industry was hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. In March 2020 he made the move to Bournemouth and intends to stay here to try take his career further. He has always been a keen writer and talker, describing himself as confident, funny and outgoing. His interests include politics, football, art, music and live entertainment. He has been with HQB since June 2020.

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