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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Jack Pyne — The Shirt Framing Service

Allow us to reintroduce you to an old friend of ours. As HQB Media puts the spotlight on local businesspeople, we reunite with Jack Pyne of The Shirt Framing Service.

Last time we spoke to Jack Pyne, founder of The Shirt Framing Service, this was Humans of Bournemouth. A couple of years have passed since then, and with them, some growth to this sports memorabilia service. And so we were more than pleased to head over to the head office in Broadstone and catch up with Jack.

A lot of The Shirt Framing Service’s success can be attributed to its ties to the local community. Jack is an ambassador for the Dorset Children’s Foundation, but has also since gone on to work with Friends Fighting Cancer. In this in-depth interview, Jack tells the story of his brain child from the beginning. But he also comments on the current state of small businesses in the area.

As the business continues growing, Jack also tells us what projects he hasn’t taken on. Plus, what clubs he would love to do work with.

Find out more about The Shirt Framing Service by heading over to their website. You can also follow HQB Media on all our social media channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube

Dale Hurst
Dale Hursthttp://dale-hurst.com
HQB Media's Editor Dale Hurst is a novelist, restaurant critic and presenter. A graduate in Multimedia Journalism from Solent University, he has a wide variety of journalistic experience, ranging from reviewing top London restaurants to interviewing MPs for BBC Radio. Dale is the author of two mystery novels and also a part-time singer.

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