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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #9 (Ft. Panashe Tauringana) — Property Development Business, Mental Health and North v. South

The interview segment makes a return to Bournemouth Backchat, alongside another trio of amusing discussion points…

As you know, we were unable to present an interview last week due to unforeseen circumstances. That segment is back in this week’s edition of the HQB Media podcast, Bournemouth Backchat.

But first, we’ll give you a taste of what’s coming up in the episode. Dale pitches a property development business, while, on an unusually serious note, Aaron talks about mental health. The third act goes back to the irreverent humour we have become known for, as James discusses the North and South divide and what we can learn from our Northern cousins.

The interview delves into the world of charity boxing, with a man who knows the field well. Dale talks to Panashe Tauringana, who has done more than one fight supporting Cancer Research UK. From him, we learn the trials of preparing for a fight, but also the rewards it brings.

If you missed any of the previous episodes of the podcast, click here to view them. And don’t forget to follow HQB Media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

DISCLAIMER: Rendition of Tom Jones’ “Delilah” was performed for entertainment purposes only. Piano and vocals by Dale Hurst.

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