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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #8 — Charity Singles, National Service and Controversial Books

We may have recorded on Halloween night. But this isn’t the spooky edition. Though your Bournemouth Backchat hosts were in costume…

If you’re looking for the Bournemouth Backchat spooky edition, click here for last week’s episode. This time around, Aaron begins by talking about releasing a charity single, as well as other extremes we could go for a good cause. James then discusses bringing back National Service. And finally, Dale touches on recent local current affairs. Given that certain controversial books were found on a shelf in a local favourite pub in Bournemouth.

And due to circumstances beyond our control, this week’s podcast does not feature an interview. Instead, we have previewed some content coming from HQB Media in the next seven days.

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