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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #44 — Fame

For the first time since Season 2, we have a full-term guest panellist. Marketing executive Corrie Smikle joins us on Bournemouth Backchat to discuss fame…

The last time we had a guest panellist for an entire Bournemouth Backchat episode, it was May 2020. Farbod Shakouri joined our regular trio for a discussion about human stupidity and the hypocrisy of the press. With those topics in mind, we themed this one around fame. Why do people desire fame? And how far are they willing to go in order to get it?

Economics and Finance student Corrie Smikle joins Dale, Aaron and James on this occasion. Aside from his studies at LSBU, Corrie works on various marketing projects. It is with this expertise and his interest in the business side of podcasting, that he comes to the panel.

There is a stark lack of local news worth satirising. This week, it has been overwhelmed by the Piers Morgan – Meghan Markle row. But what do you think about the idea of a Cycling Festival? As opposed to our hugely popular Air Festival, due to return this summer.

Then we get into the fame discussion. How do our presenters feel about becoming famous? Do they desire fame? Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and don’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon. What is Corrie’s advice for making a podcast like Bournemouth Backchat famous? And then Dale questions the fascination with influencers and what makes them so popular. What drives people to take on platforms like OnlyFans for fame and fortune?

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