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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #43 — Self-Improvement

SURPRISE! Our official podcast, Bournemouth Backchat, is back for a brand-new fourth season!

You just can’t keep us away. The HQB podcast Bournemouth Backchat has returned for an all-new 13-part series. Following the rebrand at HQB, our presenting team – Dale, James, and Aaron – decided that, for this season, there will be more of a local leaning. That is, they aim to make fun of local news first.

So, what’s been in the news this week? A San Diego journalist thinking people are crazy for voting Bournemouth as one of the best beaches in the world. Or perhaps the recent multimillion cash injection going into Boscombe. That, and more, in the opening segment of this new episode.

There are more changes afoot than that. Taking a leaf out of Season 1 and 2’s books, we’re not just hearing from our usual trio. Instead, we’re getting some of the local talents involved too. In this case, while we discuss the ideas of self-improvement, we receive professional advice from Personal Trainer Tom Mansfield.

In the self-improvement vein, what do our hosts have for you? Other than potentially hilarious (or disastrous) challenges for one another to complete by the season finale, James also brings up the idea of Marginal Gains. The little adjustments one can make to increase their productivity day-by-day. Aaron also mentions the idea of self-care.

In short, a jam-packed and exciting episode from the start. You’d be mad to miss this one. Listen below:

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