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Bournemouth Backchat Episode #41 — Money / Sport

Massive shout-outs to some of the more obscure or underrepresented local sports teams in this money episode of Bournemouth Backchat…

One central theme wasn’t good enough for the second-to-last episode of this season. This is largely a money episode. Also, we threw some sport in at the beginning. And even that has a bit of a financial underpinning.

Many of you may be pleased to hear we steered away from mainstream sports like football and rugby. Instead, how many of you want to hear about our local volleyball team? Or perhaps the Bournemouth Banshees Quidditch Club? Also, if HQB were to sponsor or invest in a sport team, which direction do we turn? Any suggestions?

James is right at home in this episode, giving advice on how to become richer. How can Dale properly utilise his savings? Giving up his job? Becoming homeless? Stop buying meal deals?

Have a listen below to learn the answers (and maybe a bit of money-making technique too!)

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Dale Hursthttp://dale-hurst.com
HQB Media's Editor Dale Hurst is a novelist, restaurant critic and presenter. A graduate in Multimedia Journalism from Solent University, he has a wide variety of journalistic experience, ranging from reviewing top London restaurants to interviewing MPs for BBC Radio. Dale is the author of two mystery novels and also a part-time singer.

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