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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Bournemouth Backchat #18 — Naturism, How to Write a Book and A Lockdown Workout

Surviving lockdown is the theme of this week’s episode of Bournemouth Backchat, as our hosts think up ways to stay occupied…

Based on this new episode of our podcast, Bournemouth Backchat, our presenters may not be the people you want to spend your quarantine with. Aaron advocates a nudist lifestyle, while Dale will be encouraging creativity of some sort. And James will be dishing out a home workout.

Like the sound of any or all of those? Then go ahead and listen! Maybe think about walking around the house naked in a new light. Or finally get down to writing that book. In the meantime, you can also listen to James directing production of our lockdown workout. The official “making-of” forms the final segment of our podcast this week.

Unless, of course, you count our musical number. This week, we’re back to Aaron, with a rendition of Cat Stevens’ “The Wind”.

Meanwhile, maintain some sort of exercise with the Bournemouth Backchat official workout – included as a bonus track underneath our main episode this week. In our presenters’ true style, it gets gradually more unorthodox as it goes on.

Also, be advised, none of our presenters are qualified personal trainers and HQB Media accepts no responsibility for any damage done to yourself, others or your home appliances.

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