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Top 5 Bournemouth Drag Acts You Should Be Watching

RuPaul’s Drag Race landed in the UK to rave reviews with many fans hailing it as better than the US original. If you’re new to this scene and want to experience drag outside of the small screen, look no further than Bournemouth’s Triangle…

Bournemouth has one of the most varied up-and-coming drag scenes in the UK. DYMK, the Triangle-based LBGTQ+ bar, has become the hub for local talent, internationally-renowned queens and world-class cabaret performers. Their monthly lip-sync competitions and regular drag events have attracted some of Dorset’s most creative and inspiring performers, who regularly showcase their talents.

There is such a wealth of talent in Bournemouth that we just don’t have time to include them all. However, with great difficulty, we’ve narrowed this down to five Bournemouth-based drag acts that should be on your radar.


Delatrix started drag performance in February 2019

Despite only starting drag in February, Delatrixx has already made an impact on the Bournemouth scene. A natural performer with gender-bending looks, which were once described as, “If Sonny and Cher become one person” and high energy performances. She has cited drag as helping her accept her gender identity.

Recently, she become a resident performer at DYMK and is often found cheering on local queens during the monthly Lipsync For Your Life competitions.

Delatrixx will be supporting Drag Race UK girls Blu Hydrangea on Friday 1st November, plus Cheryl Hole on 22nd November at DYMK.

Aurora Boring Alice


Nicknamed The Glamorous Practical Joke, Aurora started drag in August 2017 after spending years cosplaying. She was introduced to RuPaul’s Drag Race through a friend and fell in love with everything the show represented.

Despite regularly performing at DYMK alongside internationally renowned performers (and you can often find her working behind the bar in her trademark crocs), she says her career highlight is the people she’s met since starting her act. She praises drag as allowing her to become more comfortable with herself and helping her deal with overcoming her body issues.

Aurora will soon be seen supporting Drag Race UK contestant Cheryl Hole at DYMK on Friday 22nd November. Check out her Youtube channel here.

Flick Von Doe


Flick Von Doe started her whimsical brand of drag back in 2014. She brings her visual arts background to her aesthetic and performances. Often seen wearing extravagant homemade looks and performing with creative props.

Inspired by kooky pop icons, Flick describes her style as flamboyant, whimsical and a bit rock ‘n’ roll. She hopes to set up her own drag house one day, and is looking to collaborate with queer photographers and artists.  Although she loves dressing up and “painting in broad strokes”, she finds the most rewarding part of performing is the reaction she gets from others. She hopes her own creativity can inspire others. Especially kids who love her colourful look.



Real-life couple Nova and Olympia started their YouTube channel in 2013 and have since developed a devoted following. Their My Strange Addiction parody, ‘I Want to Be A Sofa’, in which Olympia imitated various pieces of furniture (the comment section where users are unsure if they video is real, or a parody is almost as funny as the video itself) went viral and saw the pair become popular memes.

Whilst their parodies of celebrities and Youtubers are hilarious and often very accurate, they are so much more than a comedy channel. There is music, sketches, reviews and their popular recaps and opinions on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Aside from creating videos, the duo also perform across the country. They are also drag parents to various talented local queens (including Flick Von Doe).

Click here to check out their Youtube Channel.



A talented queen across many fields, Rougie’s career is on the rise. The redhead can often be seen working the door at DYMK. As well as hosting their drag events and performing sets across the country. We especially love her Lady Gaga, Geri Halliwell and Ursula the sea witch allusions. Rougie always has a fresh take on drag. A fierce look and a low tolerance for anyone who comes onto her stage.

With her tall stature, conceptual performances and sharp wit, Rougie is an all-rounder. Having only been doing drag for two years, she has already hosted multiple live shows. She has appeared at Drag World UK and starred at Pride events across the country. As the drag daughter of Crystal Lubrikunt, anyone who has watched her journey knows how far she has come in so little time.

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