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Mindful March: Motive UK Pledges 20% Profits to Dorset Mind Throughout March

Local activewear brand Motive UK have launched Mindful March. A campaign that pushes physical activity for better mental wellbeing. All in support of local charity Dorset Mind…

Bournemouth-based activewear and leisurewear company Motive UK kicked this month off with their Mindful March campaign. Its key aim, as company founder Adam Baxter described, is “promoting physical activity and encouraging people to be mindful of their own mental health. But also to look out for those around them and help inspire people to stay active.”

As part of the campaign, Motive will be giving 20% of their profits to Dorset Mind. This is a local mental health charity that promotes education and challenging the mental health stigma.

“We want to support the amazing work that Dorset Mind are doing,” said Adam. “They’re an incredible charity that offer so many services in our local area for people struggling, and that’s something that we want to support.”

For Adam, promoting mental wellbeing is something of a personal passion as well.

“It’s something that I’ve seen my friends struggle with. I’ve seen family members struggle with it. So it’s something that, personally, I really want to help support. To promote good mental wellbeing through physical activity […] It’s something that I’m really passionate about.”

Adam Baxter is an entrepreneur and founder of Motive UK
Motive UK founder Adam Baxter wanted his brand to reflect his passion. That is, promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Adam explained that it was a direction he wanted to take his business in anyway. Creating content that inspires people, and collaborating with local communities and charities. Adam started Motive UK up when still in Sixth Form. Starting out with printing and selling T-shirts to his friends.

“It evolved through the years. As I was making money, I reinvested, and grew the brand year-on-year. Changing it as I grew up as well. It started off very skater-based. Big prints on the back, little prints on the front, loose-fitting T-shirts. And then it developed into a more minimal fashion brand. Very understated designs. More about the fit and the feel of the clothing than the actual design.”

The decision to rebrand as an activewear brand came last year. The first lockdown delayed their planned launch in April, pushing it back to the autumn. And this rebrand, Adam explained, was so he could create something that better reflected him and his passion.

“It was mainly because my passion is fitness and playing sport and staying active. So I wanted the brand to represent me and what, I suppose, my motive is. And that is: to promote fitness and staying active and a healthy lifestyle.

“The direction of Motive is now all about helping people find their motive. We want to create clothing that can be put to the test and worn in loads of different environments. Whether it’s playing golf or going to the gym; playing football or going for a run. Whatever it may be, we want to create clothing that facilitates that. Whatever someone’s motive is. And we want to start creating content that inspires other people. So we’re starting to work with loads of different PTs and athletes at grassroots levels to help create this content and inspire people.”


Motive UK has given its Mindful March campaign the strapline "Feeling Blue? Get up and move."
Motive UK has given its Mindful March campaign the strapline “Feeling Blue? Get up and move.”

Adam summed people’s response to the campaign up in one word: “Brilliant”.

“People have been right behind us, supporting us,” he said. “There’s been a lot of sharing and liking and commenting. Lots of people getting involved and buying gear to work out in.

“I think people have bought into what the campaign is all about. People who I have seen that have tagged us in their workouts and activities – they’re being intentional about staying active and doing something and exercising. But also, we’ve had some lovely messages from people saying how important the campaign is and how important Dorset Mind are to them, and the work they do.”


Getting involved is really easy. People can support the campaign by going to Motive UK for their activewear. 20% of the profits go to Dorset Mind, so the more purchases made, the more money raised.

“We encourage people to buy some good workout gear, go out and stay active,” said Adam. “Encourage those around you to stay active and look out for everyone around you. Be mindful of your own mental wellbeing, be mindful of those around you, and stay active.

“We have a strapline: “If you’re feeling blue, get up and move.” If you’re feeling down, go and do something. Go for a walk, or a run, or a cycle… whatever it may be.”

Check out the Motive UK website for more information, and also their social channels. Head over to their Facebook and Instagram pages. For more local Charity stories, click hereAlso, don’t forget to follow HQB News on our socials. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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