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In Conversation with Magic by Alfie

To kick off our stories for 2021, HQB heads into the world of magic. Beginning with the multiple award-winning Magic by Alfie…

Alfie, of Magic by Alfie, is a mesmerising performative magician who grew up and still resides in Dorset. He began making a name for himself in 2010 when he began amazing audiences at all manner of events. In Alfie’s fruitful career, he has picked up multiple awards; gaining both regional and national recognition.

Like most, he was hit hard by the pandemic and had to find an alternative medium through which to perform his art. He wasn’t going to let COVID-19 stop him, and he quickly took his magic online for all to see. 

Alfie shares with us his backstory and his motivations for the future in this interview.


I was born and bred in Bournemouth. I moved away a couple of times for university – for both undergraduate and Masters degrees. Upon then moving back to Bournemouth from Southampton, I found a passion for magic and entertaining. It originally started off as a hobby and a bit of a party piece. But then I realised the potential to grow it into a successful business.


I picked up magic in my early twenties whilst studying at university. At the time, practicing sleights and performing card trick after card trick seemed more stimulating than proofreading a dissertation. After hours of practicing in my student digs, I finally plucked up the courage to take my magic to the bars and clubs of Southampton, whereby, it soon dawned on me that I had a natural knack for entertaining and a passion for making others smile. I’ve been hooked ever since!


The first award I received was Best Wedding Entertainment for the Dorset Wedding Awards in 2018. A year away from the awards in 2019 gave me some much-needed time to grow the business and 2020 very much started that way too. However, with the onset of the pandemic, I suddenly had a little more time on my hands.

I started the year with a win at the South West Wedding Awards for Best Wedding Entertainment. This was followed by another South West accolade for Best Entertainer in the South West for the Event Entertainment Awards. Finally, to top off 2020, I received my first national recognition, Best UK Wedding Magician for the Wedding Business Awards. I hope to build on these achievements in 2021.

Alfie is steadily making a big name for himself in the events industry. Photo credit: One Thousand Words Photography.
Alfie is steadily making a big name for himself in the events industry. Photo Credit: One Thousand Words Photography.


Ordinarily, I would be performing at around 100 or so events a year. With the pandemic, everything has pretty much stopped in terms of physical performances. I performed at a handful of weddings last year, but these were very small and intimate affairs with around 15 guests.

With in-person performances on hold, I started to explore how I could reach people differently. It became very clear from the onset of the first lockdown that the way forward was virtual shows. Almost a year now in, I have performed to thousands of people all over the world. The shows have been fantastic fun and have provided an excellent platform to increase my exposure.


My USP is that I can make my magic bespoke and unique to the occasion. So, whether that be a wedding, a corporate function, or a birthday, I can take inspiration from that event and build it into the magic. I’m always looking for ways to improve this aspect of my entertainment. Technology magic is also becoming increasingly popular, so you’ll often see me guessing peoples phone passcodes.

Alfie is all about amazing his audience. Photo credit: HS Photography
Alfie is all about amazing his audience. Photo Credit: HS Photography


2021 and 2022 will undoubtedly be my busiest years to date, both for new enquiries and the rescheduling of postponed 2020 wedding and events. I’m looking forward to the next 18 months and being able to jump right back in and start entertaining properly again.

I’ve never been one to look too far into the future. Instead, I’m a strong believer for living in the present and enjoying what you have in the here and now. For me, just being able to perform and do what I love doing is my only ambition for the future.


Making money isn’t the main motivation for me running my business. Instead, it’s the gratification I receive from making guests smile and leaving a lasting impression on my clients. Having a keen eye for detail, getting on with people, and being truly passionate about magic and performing will always continue to motivate me. I’m extremely proud of where I have taken the business and I very much look forward to a future of new opportunities.

You can contact Magic by Alfie for bookings via email or visit his website. To keep up with the latest from Magic by Alfie, follow his Facebook and Instagram pages. For more local Entertainments stories, click here. And you can also follow HQB News on all our socials: FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube.

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Scott Boeser
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