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JKW Media: New Documentary Aims to “Help Students Realise They Don’t Have to Drink to Fit In…”

The upcoming Students and Alcohol Documentary from JKW Media is set to change perceptions of university life. In both the student community, and the public as a whole…

Local production company JKW Media is set to release its latest project. The deliberately clear and simply titled Students and Alcohol Documentary will launch on YouTube and IGTV on Tuesday 23rd February, at 5pm. JKW Media founder and Bournemouth University student Jamie Webb described his aims and hopes for the documentary:

“It is to help people who are looking to go to, or already at university, realise that you don’t have to drink to fit in. I want them to understand that there is so many other ways to enjoy yourself during your time at university. Whether it’s going on walks with your friends… watching films… There are so many activities to do.

“I also aim for the public to not view students as always drinking. But as a community who are supportive and enjoy other activities that don’t involve alcohol.”

It has become a bit of a stereotype in the UK. You say “student”, and people immediately think binge drinking and heavy nights out. It’s a stereotype that Jamie wants to combat:

“After brainstorming ideas for my next project, I came up with a documentary about alcohol. More specifically with students and how the stereotype of drinking is so well-known across our country. I know a few people who don’t drink alcohol at university, but still have a very sociable life.”


With COVID restrictions no less in effect at universities, trying to shoot a documentary about university life must have faced its own challenges.

“As soon as we went into the national lockdown at the start of the year, I knew that productions planned to film with my university would be changed and cancelled, which they were,” Jamie explained. “I then started planning my next project, I knew that I would have to do this with limited locations but when there are obstacles, you have to work a little bit harder.

“I was limited to the equipment I had in my house, and had to use my housemates as contributors. Luckily they fit the criteria of what I was looking for, and provided some great answers. Also, as everywhere is shut down, getting B-roll footage was a challenge. I had to use open spaces, such as the beach. It shows that if you have a goal and a vision, a lockdown isn’t a delay for your projects. Just a challenge you have to overcome.”


The four-minute documentary will be released on 23rd February on the JKW Media YouTube and Instagram channels. Jamie described the project as an informative production. One that, he hopes, will ease people’s emotions about the university experience.

Keep your eye out for the documentary on the JKW Media channels — Instagram and YouTube. You can learn more about Jamie Webb and JKW Media by visiting his website and Facebook page. For more local Film & TV stories, click here. And don’t forget to follow HQB News on our socials: Facebook,  TwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube

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