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Two Poole Residents Help to Fight COVID-19 on the Frontline

Poole’s Community COVID-19 Helpline maintain they will actively provide support during the second lockdown. Offering a range of services to the vulnerable and isolated…

COVID-19 has created vast difficulties for those who already suffer from illnesses, or have had to take extra precautions to avoid risking their wellbeing. But thanks to Sarah Ward and her friend Emma Lang from Poole, a ‘mutual-aid’ Community Helpline is in operation. Established during the first lockdown back in March. It offers anyone who needs assistance, covering a range of necessities such as food deliveries, food bank donations and so on. The help they desperately need.


This grassroots care service represents the resilient sense of community here in Poole. Sarah told us how the services that can be acquired by contacting the Poole Community COVID-19 Helpline include:

  • Support to vulnerable and shielding people who may need shopping collected or prescriptions delivered
  • Dog walking
  • Lifts to hospital for cancer patients undergoing treatment
  • Gardening
  • Telephone contact to reduce social isolation

“We have also run a school uniform bank for parents struggling to buy uniforms for their children,” Sarah continued. “We regularly collect donations from members of the community for the local food bank. The Helpline is supported entirely by volunteers, who have given hundreds of hours of their time to ensure that the community is supported.”

Sarah told us how she “saw that there was a cohort of people who were anxious about going out to get shopping or prescriptions and so on”. This inspired the team to band together with others in the community who wanted to help. Working to ensure those most at risk in the community were reassured that their needs could be met. With a true sense of community spirit, they have achieved this.

“[Our organisation has] supported around 450 individuals since we set up,” Sarah explained. “That’s a number we can only expect to grow as the second wave of COVID-19 returns. And while the country goes into another lockdown to reduce the strain on the NHS.”

Anyone interested in supporting the group can contact them via their website or via email. They are also on Facebook if you wish to follow them. For more local charity stories, click here. Plus, you can follow HQB Media on all our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Scott Boeser
Scott Boeser
Scott is a Multimedia Journalism graduate from Southampton. He joins HQB Media with a passion for the creative industries and a personal interest in music. In addition, he has a self-professed love of nature and the outdoors, a passion that drives interests in ecology and the environmental debate. Through journalism, Scott hopes to broaden his understanding of the world around him, whilst giving his readers an insight into the things he encounters.

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