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Coming Soon: Blended Smoothie Bar

Yet another addition to the list of upcoming businesses opening in Bournemouth. The Burlington Arcade awaits the arrival of Blended Smoothie Bar…

This pandemic is certainly not putting aspiring business owners off! We’ve already spoken to a few about their various ventures, started after or even during either of this year’s lockdowns. Including hospitality businesses such as Kala Thai, which opened in the summer, and Tocco, which opened just last week! This time it’s the turn of Blended Smoothie Bar to take the HQB spotlight.

Company founder Emily Slater explained why now seemed the right time to begin this venture.

“I have always wanted my own business but never had a good enough idea. I love Joe & the Juice and it got me thinking that there is nothing like that in the town centre. When I was a student at Bournemouth University, a smoothie bar definitely would have appealed to me and my friends. So I did some research and decided to run with it.

“The first lockdown gave me a lot of time to think about what I really wanted to do, and with that time I was able to get this smoothie concept going. Given that the business will mainly be takeaway, I decided that the business would not be majorly affected by any future lockdowns.

“We will be offering an online order service for pick-up only (hopefully delivery once we are on our feet). So there are ways to reach customers, even if footfall is low due to the pandemic.”


As if being a first-time business owner and launching during a global pandemic weren’t challenges enough. Emily explained that the biggest challenge came with deciding the final menu for the bar.

“There are endless combinations you could do. I wanted the menu to be quite unique, but also I didn’t want to be too ambitious and have offer too much. I have gone for quality over quantity in that respect.

“It has also been quite challenging just getting everything ready, as I am having the store redecorated. There has been a lot to juggle, but I am very happy with how it is looking now.”

Blended Smoothie Bar will be situated in the Burlington Arcade off Old Christchurch Road. Emily elaborated on how she feels about taking on Bournemouth in such a prominent spot with her first venture.

“I am very excited to be setting up in such a popular area. The main target market for the business will be students, so setting up in a student town and being near university halls was important to me. As a local, I know the area very well and so I feel very at home setting up in the town centre. Summertime in Bournemouth is always great too, and I am really excited to be part of it next year.”


Unlike many recently-opened hospitality businesses, Emily has not collaborated with anyone over her smoothie menu.

“It has been a lot of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t,” she explained. “I have browsed through hundreds of recipes online, and played around with some of them to make some more unique ones.”

In time for the festive season, she told us about the special Christmas menu. Including Reindeer Fuel, which she admits is a personal favourite of hers.

“It is a blend of ground ginger, carrot and orange juice. The first time I made it the ginger nearly took my head off so I learned that less is definitely more when it comes to spices.”

And so, the final question is… when can we expect the smoothie bar to open its doors?

“I hope to open before Christmas,” said Emily. “We are just putting the finished touches to the shop and getting everything ready.

“I’m really looking forward to serving my future customers. I want the smoothie bar to be a fresh new place that people will love coming back too. Hopefully, the smoothies make people happy! I love to be busy and I’m looking forward to putting in the hard work to make what I hope will be a great business.”

Find out more about Blended Smoothie Bar by visiting their Facebook page here. For more local Catering and Hospitality stories, click here. Plus, you can follow HQB News on all our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube!

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