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Saturday, January 23, 2021

127 Local Venues Where You Can “Eat Out To Help Out”

From today, the Chancellor’s 50% dining discount goes live. So which local venues can you support with your custom this month…?

It has been a motto throughout this pandemic — Support Local. Now that, as of today, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s EAT OUT TO HELP OUT scheme has begun, offering diners 50% off eat-in meals and non-alcoholic drinks, the time to support your local hospitality businesses has never been more right! Remember the scheme only applies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 3rd and 31st August.

But which venues are participating in the scheme? We did our thing and scoured all the best sources to compile this list of over 100 restaurants, hotels, pubs and cafés in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch where you can Eat Out to Help Out.

The List

Correct as of 11:00am on 3rd August 2020.

  1. 1805, Bournemouth
  2. 1812, Royal Exeter Hotel, Bournemouth
  3. 7Bone, Bournemouth
  4. The Acorn, Creekmoor
  5. Alghero Ristorante, Parkstone
  6. The Ark, Poole Park
  7. Baffi, Poole AND Canford Cliffs
  8. Bag of Holding, Bournemouth
  9. Bamboo Leaf, Parkstone
  10. BarSo, Royal Exeter Hotel, Bournemouth
  11. The Bear of Burton, Christchurch
  12. Boheme, Parkstone
  13. Brasserie Blanc, Marriott Hotel, Bournemouth
  14. Brewhouse & Kitchen, Bournemouth AND Poole
  15. The Bricklayers, Ashley Cross
  16. The Butcher’s Dog, Ashley Cross
  17. Butterfingers, Poole
  18. Café Argyll, Bournemouth
  19. Camden, Ashley Cross
  20. The Carpenter’s Arms, Christchurch
  21. Captain Cod, Christchurch
  22. Chicken & Blues, Ashley Cross
  23. The Clipper Restaurant, Poole Dolphin Centre
  24. Coconut Tree, Lansdowne
  25. Coffee Club Restaurant, Westbourne
  26. Coffee Reef, Bournemouth
  27. The Connaught Hotel, Bournemouth
  28. Curry Walla, Parkstone
  29. Da Vinci’s, Poole
  30. Days, Tower Park, Poole
  31. The Dancing Jug, Bournemouth
  32. The Dancing Moose, Ashley Cross AND Bournemouth
  33. Del Marco, Bournemouth
  34. Deli on the Quay, Poole
  35. Desi Dhaba, Russell Court Hotel, Bournemouth
  36. Dolce Vita, Ashley Cross
  37. Drgnfly, Ashley Cross
  38. The Durley Dean Hotel, Bournemouth
  39. The Fisherman Café, Poole
  40. The Fisherman’s Haunt, Christchurch
  41. The Four Horsemen, Bournemouth
  42. Frieda’s Tearoom, Bournemouth
  43. Funchal By Night, Bournemouth
  44. Gate of India, Ashley Cross
  45. Ginali’s, Poole
  46. The Green House Hotel, Bournemouth
  47. The Guildhall Tavern, Poole
  48. Hardy’s Restaurant, Hermitage Hotel, Bournemouth
  49. Heathlands Hotel, Bournemouth
  50. Hot Rocks, Bournemouth
  51. Hotel Celebrity, Bournemouth
  52. Hotel Collingwood, Bournemouth
  53. Hotel du Vin, Poole
  54. Hotel Miramar, Bournemouth
  55. Indi’s, Westbourne
  56. Indian Ocean, Bournemouth
  57. Isan Thai, Poole
  58. The Italian Café, The Ocean Beach Hotel, Bournemouth
  59. James & White, Christchurch
  60. Kayla Brasserie, Bournemouth
  61. Kazoku Noodle Bar, Lansdowne
  62. Key West, Bournemouth
  63. Ki-cchin Sushi Bar, Lansdowne
  64. The Kings Head, Poole
  65. The Kitchen, Poole Park
  66. KOKORO, Bournemouth
  67. Kori Restaurant, Bournemouth
  68. La Piccola Italia, Bournemouth
  69. Le Bateau, Ashley Cross
  70. Lakeside Fish & Chips, Poole
  71. Le Petit Prince, Westbourne
  72. Lemon Tree Restaurant, Bournemouth
  73. Leo Café, Bournemouth
  74. Lounge ONE, Canford Heath
  75. Mad Cucumber Lounge, The Triangle
  76. Mandarin, Lansdowne
  77. Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth
  78. Mighty Wieners, Bournemouth
  79. Mint Indian Restaurant, Ashley Cross
  80. Mirabelle Restaurant, The Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth
  81. Monty’s Burger Lounge, Bournemouth
  82. Mr Mulligans, BH2, Bournemouth
  83. Nativ, Lansdowne
  84. NEO, Bournemouth
  85. Nick the Fish, Penn Hill
  86. The Norfolk Royal Hotel, Bournemouth
  87. Olive Café, Bournemouth
  88. The Overcliff Pub, The Suncliff Hotel, Bournemouth
  89. The Ox Hotel, Ashley Cross
  90. Peaches of Bournemouth
  91. Penn Central, Penn Hill
  92. Picnic Park Deli, Bournemouth
  93. The Pilot, Canford Heath
  94. Pinocchio, Bournemouth
  95. Pondok Fresh Falafel and Juice, The Triangle
  96. Pulcinella, Poole
  97. Rancho Steak House, Poole
  98. Real Eating Company, Bournemouth
  99. The Real Greek, BH2, Bournemouth
  100. Renoufs, Westbourne
  101. Rick Stein Sandbanks
  102. Ristorante Barolo, Winton
  103. Rockfish, Poole
  104. Russell Court Hotel, Bournemouth
  105. Sandwiches, etc., Poole
  106. Schpoons & Forx, Hilton Hotel, Bournemouth
  107. Simit Chai, Bournemouth
  108. South Cast Roast, Bournemouth
  109. Spyglass & Kettle, Southbourne
  110. Stock Dining Room & Bar, Canford Cliffs
  111. Taj Mahal, Westbourne
  112. Talim Ltd., Bournemouth
  113. The Stable, Bournemouth
  114. Tiien, Bournemouth AND Broadstone
  115. Tin of Sardines, Poole
  116. Tonic Social, Bournemouth
  117. Trouville Hotel, Bournemouth
  118. Truly’s of Westbourne
  119. Twelve Eatery, The Triangle
  120. Urban Garden, Bournemouth
  121. Ventana Grand Café, The Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth
  122. The Victoria Cross, Parkstone
  123. Water Garden Hotel, Boscombe
  124. West Cliff Hotel, Bournemouth
  125. Yobu, Bournemouth
  126. Zim Braai I, Ashley Cross
  127. Zim Braai II, Bournemouth

Have we missed any?

We make it our business to know the goings-on in our local food and drink world. However, if you know a restaurant, bar or café that isn’t on our list but is taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, let us know so we can update. Comment below, or get in touch with us on social media.

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Dale Hurst
Dale Hursthttp://dale-hurst.com
HQB Media's Editor Dale Hurst is a novelist, restaurant critic and presenter. A graduate in Multimedia Journalism from Solent University, he has a wide variety of journalistic experience, ranging from reviewing top London restaurants to interviewing MPs for BBC Radio. Dale is the author of two mystery novels and also a part-time singer.

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