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Matthew Orchard, Founder: Break the Mould Marketing

Holding down a busy family life with three kids and managing your own business is not something many would consider an easy feat. But HQB’s own Matthew Orchard, founder of Break the Mould Marketing, proves it isn’t impossible…

Having grown up in Colesbrook, near Gillingham, Matt is now a resident of the Poole area having been so for over 20 years. He had started to build a career here, until life-altering health problems forced him to reinvent himself. He decided to build his own freelance marketing company from home. Matthew’s company, Break the Mould Marketing, was created in 2018 and has a very distinct purpose. Making marketing accessible, affordable and effective.

The strategies and reports created by Break The Mould allow businesses of all kinds to maximize their profits through the clever techniques Matthew has learnt and fine-tuned.

Having all the relevant qualifications and a dedicated work ethic are necessities for Matthew. He is an experienced and committed professional. Working around the clock to provide expert advice on the marketing industry now. His business model works around his family life and allows him to continue pursuing an acquisition of knowledge. An advancement he’s keen to keep making. His story of adversity and perseverance is an uplifting one that speaks volumes. When in times as difficult as these, Matthew’s commitment to keep achieving despite setbacks is an inspiration.


At the moment I’m a freelance digital marketing manager. Prior to an operation on my foot I worked in a pharmacy, but the surgery caused me to lose mobility and working in such an environment became challenging.

I decided to shift towards a career that would be more inclusive of my disability. Naturally interested in the digital field, I decided to explore digital as a career and took a deep dive into learning a number of digital disciplines to enable me to bring value to others who needed support with online marketing.


Break the Mould Marketing is an agency that aims to make digital marketing easier for companies, young and old. Not necessarily by doing the digital marketing for people, but enabling them to do it themselves. I mainly work out of an office in my home. I work remotely for several reasons: my disability, obviously COVID, and it works better for me.

So I am Break the Mould’s help desk, which clients get access to. They can post their questions and I will answer them. That’s how I want to make marketing easier for people, rather than having to hire someone in-house. Instead, they have a direct link to someone who’s done the courses and has the expertise.


I think I want to provide inspiration for people. Really, to make things easier for people is the main ethos. I’m not slowing down. That is a very apt quote for how I live my life. I’m always learning, and I have a thirst for knowledge — I don’t ever want to stop learning.

My work ethos is to never stop learning, really. I can’t be a master of my trade if I stop learning. So I will not stop until the job is done, and that’s something I pride myself on. I give my clients 100% all of the time I wouldn’t have it any other way.


It’s the complete digital marketing strategy. So, it involves going through everything: your social media, your SEO, your content… Pretty much everything that comes under the digital marketing umbrella. We get a strategy going forward, and this strategy can be provided for you to implement yourself. Or, of course, we can implement it for the client.

That [digital audit] leads into the strategy. I go through everything in a client’s digital project, looking at everything and see what they’re doing well, what they could do a little better, and literally take everything apart. I identify opportunities for growth, both in current digital channels and maybe suggest new channels too. It really is a great starting point for digital growth.


The blog is all about delivering social marketing tips and guides on how to do things. Different explanations on sub-topics relating to marketing. It’s unfortunately been a bit inactive recently, as I’ve been home-schooling my children. It’s a bit hard to write blog posts, but it’s a completely free How To blog.

There’s different posts on how digital marketing helps businesses. How to write a marketing strategy. An explainer on Voice Search SEO – what is it and how can you optimize for it? There is quite a lot of explainer posts on there, available for free.


My greatest achievement is my ability to always bounce back. I have beaten cancer three times and survived a stroke. I’ve never let the challenges stop me — I have bounced back every time. Even when the operation went wrong, I used it as a platform for growth. To reinvent myself with this career that I love.

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