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GIANT Launches Inaugural Exhibition “CRASH”

Bournemouth’s first contemporary art gallery GIANT launches its first exhibition. Bringing some of the world’s most celebrated visual artists to our town for the first time…

GIANT, Bournemouth’s newest artist-run space, has finally launched its first exhibition. On Monday, they opened “CRASH”. Bringing together work from several international visual artists. Many of whom are showing in Bournemouth for the first time.

The exhibition was released in “safe mode”. That is, people can only view the exhibits from Bournemouth High Street. GIANT has stated the exhibition will open in full once government guidelines allow. The gallery expects to move to its permanent 15,000sq ft home in town in the summer.


The exhibition features work themed around “the crash” that culture and society have recently experienced. Hence the name of the exhibition. Technology is a recurring theme across the pieces, due to our heavy reliance on devices in lockdown. Also, how would a digital crash disrupt our daily lives?

“Crash” exhibits works from artists including Ron Arad, Cory Arcangel, Paola Ciarska, Sarah Maple, The
Artist Taxi Driver, and Mark Titchner.

More specifically, pieces include Arcangel’s Totally Fucked, first created in 2003. It’s a video installation piece showing Super Mario stranded on a single block, surrounded by an abyss. This is in keeping with Arcangel’s style, as he is best-known for video game modifications. He is the youngest artist ever to receive an entire floor at New York’s Whitney Museum.

Cory Arcangel presents “Totally Fucked”, first created in 2003. It depicts an 8-bit Super Mario stranded on a solitary block.

Meanwhile, Turner Prize-nominated Mark Titchner’s piece Please Believe These Days Will Pass takes pride of place for the exhibition. It is displayed on the large billboard outside the GIANT gallery space. Titchner’s works focus on the use of words and language, and this piece mirrors the messages of hope from the first lockdown this time last year.

Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner’s piece “Please Believe These Days Will Pass” is displayed on a billboard outside the gallery space.

In addition, The Artist Taxi Driver, a performance artist, presents a series of politically charged pieces. Paintings constructed around daily newspapers and their criticism of the government during the pandemic.

The Artist Taxi Driver presents a series of paintings relating public criticism of the government during the pandemic.

An iconic sculpture piece for CRASH comes from visual artist Sarah Maple. Entitled The World As We Know It, this is one of the first pieces people can see, at the forefront of the exhibition. A reminder of the initial impact the pandemic had on us all. When the world as we knew it was all thrown out.

Sarah Maple’s sculpture The World As We Know It is placed at the forefront of the CRASH exhibition.


GIANT will open to the public at its 15,000sq ft home at the Avenue Centre in Bournemouth in summer.
GIANT will open to the public at its 15,000sq ft home at the Avenue Centre in Bournemouth in summer.

British visual artist Stuart Semple founded GIANT earlier in 2021. It is the first contemporary art gallery to grace Bournemouth’s streets. The gallery expects to open its doors on 1-2 The Avenue Centre at Commercial Road this summer.

CRASH opened on 1st March, and will run until 30th April 2021.

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