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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Henry Cakebread — The Next Project

The time has come to wave goodbye to Henry Cakebread, the freelance filmmaker behind "Weekend Wandering: The Outback". Following the release of that lengthy...

Henry Cakebread — Mixing Illustration and Live Action

Our discussion into the recently-released film of Henry Cakebread continues. How did he tap into another talent when it came to stylising "Weekend Wandering:...

Henry Cakebread — Producing “Weekend Wandering: The Outback”

After last week's well-received introduction to freelance filmmaker Henry Cakebread, we now examine his recent release more closely. An in-depth look into the production...

Henry Cakebread — BMXing and Filmmaking: Which Came First?

This new series on local freelance filmmaker Henry Cakebread kicks off with our finding out which of his two loves came first. Was it...

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — Coming Up from F.F.C.

Time to play catch-up and finish off stories from last year. Beginning with the sports charity F.F.C., and their Bournemouth reps Daniel Manuel and...

Christian Ørner — On the Future of SALT Cø

We hear about some of the things on a chef's bucket list in this episode of our series on Christian Ørner. Plus, what lies...

Christian Ørner — SALT Cø: In Detail

The conversation with chef and chocolatier Christian Ørner continues. In this episode, we delve in-depth to his business, SALT Cø... With a lot of these...

Aaron James Performs Santa Claus is Coming to (Bournemouth) Town

While the podcast is on a break, co-host Aaron Hayes puts his singing skills to good use. The result? This festive treat... HQB Media isn't...

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Photo of the Week- 1st December

#photooftheweek This week's photo of the week! Beautiful photo of flowers in Bournemouth Gardens taken by Phoebe from Miss-B-Photography check out her amazing work! 

Local Authorities Bid to Protect the Christchurch Coastline from Erosion

BCP Council and members of the Flooding & Coastal Erosion Management Network (FCERM) are entering a bid to ensure that coastal erosion is avoided, from Hengistbury Head, including Mudeford Sandbank, along Avon Beach towards Highcliffe, for years to come. Ensuring the harbour is not at risk of flooding caused by rising sea levels...

AFC Bournemouth: Supporters Back in the Stands

In the wake of Boris Johnson’s latest announcement, football stadia across the country will welcome fans into the stands from 2nd December. However, the news is subject to regional restrictions via the tier system. Tier One areas will allow up to 4,000 supporters to attend, while Tier Two areas can welcome back up to 2,000. Unfortunately, those in Tier Three areas will have to continue playing games behind closed doors. Thankfully, Bournemouth is in Tier Two...!

400 Exotic Birds Awaiting a New Aviary Home

For more than 100 years, there has been a rescue aviary in Bournemouth’s lower gardens. Now, volunteers are raising funds for a more comfortable...

Mike Dowdall, a.k.a. Mad Definition, Rapper / Lyricist

For years I have suffered with mental health issues, and I wanted something sentimental and catchy whilst using my initials. I also used to get called mad a lot, so one day it came to me. I am the definition of mad, so I like to write about mental health and how people can overcome issues and problems they may also face...