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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Jack Pyne — The Shirt Framing Service

Last time we spoke to Jack Pyne, founder of The Shirt Framing Service, this was Humans of Bournemouth. A couple of years have passed since then, and with them, some growth to this sports memorabilia service. And so we were more than pleased to head over to the head office in Broadstone and catch up with Jack...

Henry Cakebread — The Next Project

The time has come to wave goodbye to Henry Cakebread, the freelance filmmaker behind "Weekend Wandering: The Outback". Following the release of that lengthy...

Henry Cakebread — Mixing Illustration and Live Action

Our discussion into the recently-released film of Henry Cakebread continues. How did he tap into another talent when it came to stylising "Weekend Wandering:...

Henry Cakebread — Producing “Weekend Wandering: The Outback”

After last week's well-received introduction to freelance filmmaker Henry Cakebread, we now examine his recent release more closely. An in-depth look into the production...

Henry Cakebread — BMXing and Filmmaking: Which Came First?

This new series on local freelance filmmaker Henry Cakebread kicks off with our finding out which of his two loves came first. Was it...

Daniel Manuel & Faye Millington — Coming Up from F.F.C.

Time to play catch-up and finish off stories from last year. Beginning with the sports charity F.F.C., and their Bournemouth reps Daniel Manuel and...

Christian Ørner — On the Future of SALT Cø

We hear about some of the things on a chef's bucket list in this episode of our series on Christian Ørner. Plus, what lies...

Christian Ørner — SALT Cø: In Detail

The conversation with chef and chocolatier Christian Ørner continues. In this episode, we delve in-depth to his business, SALT Cø... With a lot of these...

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