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Humans of Bournemouth Archive

Tom Ormerod, Photographer

I didn’t do anything with photography for many years – just snaps. Then about 18 months, maybe two years ago, I just started taking more and more pictures and began posting them online. And I think that spurred me on, because it was interesting to see people’s reactions. It was interesting to see them go, “That’s a good picture!”, because to me it’s just a snap. That really helped me...

Jack Lenton, Personal Trainer

Fitness was the only thing that kept my attention -- I didn’t really enjoy school. However, fitness and sports were always something I desired to do. Therefore, when choosing a university course, I knew that Exercise Science was the perfect one for my motives and passions...

Shaun Horlock, Artist / Designer

There’s a long and personal reason as to why I called the brand Openmind. Essentially, I had a really rough time one summer. Came out of it feeling like I needed quite a few changes in my life. I still had some good experiences and it led me to the point where I was thinking, ‘There’s more out there than what I’m getting.’ It was a point where I was depressed and couldn’t face the outside world. Openmind saved me in a weird, roundabout way...

Heather Williams & Fred Russias, Founders of Sourcing Playground

It sparked after I came back from a trade show in Hong Kong. I was thinking, “Okay, we do these trade shows, two or three times a year; aside from that how do I go about finding suppliers on a daily basis?” And for buyers across the board — from a start-up brand to an established company — there’s really only one well-known online platform to use, called Alibaba. But this is predominantly a China-centric platform...

Callum Shirley, Photographer

The day after my 21st, we went down to Kingston Lacey House. I saw this little water feature shaped as a mushroom and I thought, “I’m going to capture that!” It seemed like a good opportunity. I did it handheld; I wasn’t man enough to put it into manual mode...

Charlotte Willis, Charity Worker with Street Support

Meet Charlotte Willis. Bournemouth local. English student. And also worker with the charity Street Support. We found out about her deep-rooted connection to the...

Harry Shufflebotham, Musician

I’ve had a guitar teacher – John – for twelve years (obviously not now that I’m in Bournemouth). But music is only something I’ve really doubled down on since coming to uni. I used to just play the guitar in my room by myself and not really sing. But coming down here and sharing it has really been an opening experience – it’s nice to do that with people...

Tom Crocker, Sport Journalist

My main passion is football. Obviously, most kids tend to play football and I realised pretty quickly that I wasn’t good enough to pursue that as a career. So then you try to find another way to get into it. When you look at what I do now – sports writing – it’s probably the next-best thing. Getting paid to write about football and travel the country, it becomes a 24/7 thing...

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