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Tips on Staying Fit During the Holidays (with Mark Field)

“Workouts do not have to be intense and challenging," Mark explains. "Any movement will help you to achieve your fitness goals. As long as you do not stay on your sofa with a bag of crisps watching TV”. Standing up and going to the kitchen to wash dishes, hammering a nail into a wall, or walking an additional flight up the stairs burn calories. Mark advises his clients to deliberately “forget” things downstairs in their homes so they can do an extra flight of stairs to get it...

Tom Mansfield, Personal Trainer

When I was 21, my brother mentioned the idea of personal training. I was in and out of jobs and he gave me the nudge I needed to push myself into new surroundings, and that changed everything for me. I’ll always be eternally grateful for having him help and support me through the process. Without him, I wouldn’t be my own boss and able to help people on a regular basis...

Two Poole Residents Help to Fight COVID-19 on the Frontline

Sarah told us how she “saw that there was a cohort of people who were anxious about going out to get shopping or prescriptions and so on.” This inspired the team to band together with others in the community who wanted to help. Working to ensure those most at risk in the community were reassured that their needs could be met. With a true sense of community spirit, they have achieved this...

Sara Pascoe, Psychologist / Writer

I had wanted to be a psychologist since I was about 11. When we cleared out my dad’s house after he died, I came across an old essay I’d written at that age. The assignment must have been to write about your professional aspirations. I banged on about how I wanted to be a psychologist, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a clinical psychologist and do therapy, or be a research psychologist. That cracked me up because it made me sound awfully serious for a kid, and I ended up doing both anyway. I’d always been interested in animal behaviour since I was really little, so I think psychology was a natural outgrowth of that...

Local Man Sheds Six Stone After Falling in Love with Running

In 2014, Darren confesses to being in a dark place. His struggles and pent-up emotion led him to start kickboxing, and then onto Weaver's Boxing Gym in Ferndown. He thoroughly enjoyed the chance to get in a ring and spar, but recalls "After I completed one round, I was absolutely shattered'. His coach pulled him to one side, and told the then 15-stone Darren, "You've got to get fit. Get yourself out running"...

Coastside Crossfit: A Sporting Community Like No Other

Following two years in Sydney and the expiration of his visa, Liam Hogan returned to Bournemouth and began work managing a couple of the local gyms including Littledown. Once he had "learnt the ropes of managing and doing PT", he was able to pull it all together and in 2017, Coastside Crossfit was born on Southbourne high street. It wasn't long until membership numbers were thriving, with classes running all morning and then again in the evening...

Boo Eaton, Founder: Letters of Support

From a single teenager’s bedroom in Bournemouth, Letters of Support is making a difference all around the UK and across the pond... Since 2018, Harriet...

£40,000 Grant Makes Local Healthcare Coalition Possible

The group, comprising of Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Forest Holme Hospice, Dorset Health Care and Lewis-Manning Hospice Care will be collaborating to focus on making it easier for people approaching the end of life and their families to share their experiences, learn from and support one another. This grant comes from the Dorset Clinical Commissioners...

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