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Extinction Rebellion Activists Demand More Progress from BCP Council

Over the past few years, climate change activism has become increasingly mainstream. Public opinion has shifted in favour of concerted national action to reduce the UK’s emissions. A recent survey from the Business Department revealed that 82% of people were concerned about the impact of climate change. In response to this, a growing number of local councils across the country have declared climate and ecological emergencies...

All About the Planet Earth Games (with Founder Chris Broadbent)

Young people were increasingly concerned and so were we as an organisation, so we didn’t feel we could continue as we were, ordering crates and crates of single use plastic bottled water, using fossil fuels in our power generators and ordering medals made 6,000 miles away. We felt the urgency required some radical, inclusive and highly relevant changes, and so the Planet Earth Games were born...

Dom Hughes, Co-Founder: Myriad

So, I worked in the recycling industry after graduation, which gave me an insight into end-of-life products and the journey they go on. One of the key things I took away from that was that recycling is good, but there's so much more that we can do to take it a step further and obtain a greater value from the products. A lot of this boils down to how the products are designed...

Liam Ulla, Founder: The Coacoara Foundation

I have always wanted to own a charity, or something that can give back, throughout my life, and be there when I’m not here as well. Last year, I was approached to do ‘Mr Dorset’, which means that you represent Dorset for England, and if you win you then represent England for the world. I met a lady who gave me the inspiration to really push for what I want, what I believe in and what I could do, and to set up the foundation...

Coacoara Foundation: Volunteers Take to Sandbanks Beach in First Clean-up Event

The Bournemouth-based non-profit organisation's team members, as well as over 40 volunteers, met up at the Jazz Café in Poole to begin their mission to clean the local beaches of Poole and Bournemouth on Sunday morning, collecting a total of 18 bags' worth of litter...

Terroir Tapas Named UK’s Most Sustainable Bar… AGAIN!

Terroir Tapas make no secret of their mission. Sustainability and zero waste are ingrained in every fibre of their business. From their food to their furnishings - it's all in some way environmentally beneficial. So, it's no surprise that they picked up an award last weekend. Namely, the Sustainable Practices Award from the UK's Class Bar Magazine Awards. Oh, and did we mention that was for the second year running?

Poole Recycling Charity Needs More Storage

Set up six years ago, Poole-based charity Ideas2action aims to reduce the amount of household waste Dorset sends to landfill and recycling facilities. It does this through its community recycling projects...

Stephanie Wyatt, Miss Earth 2019

Miss Earth is different to your everyday beauty pageant. It is an environmentally-focused competition, which is a platform for change. For example, one of our challenges, which was judged, was to create an eco-warrior outfit. I decided to make mine completely out of real flowers. I believe that we are sending out a message here, showing the public that we all have a responsibility to preserve and attend to the needs of the world we live in...

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