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Sara Pascoe, Psychologist / Writer

I had wanted to be a psychologist since I was about 11. When we cleared out my dad’s house after he died, I came across an old essay I’d written at that age. The assignment must have been to write about your professional aspirations. I banged on about how I wanted to be a psychologist, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a clinical psychologist and do therapy, or be a research psychologist. That cracked me up because it made me sound awfully serious for a kid, and I ended up doing both anyway. I’d always been interested in animal behaviour since I was really little, so I think psychology was a natural outgrowth of that...

David G Taylor, Artist / Writer

My artwork sometimes features textile-like abstract patterns and colours that reference artists such as Alexander Calder and Joan Miro. I’ve developed a language of ambiguous shapes and marks that could be read as purely decorative, but on closer inspection suggests otherwise. As a collagist, I’m influenced by the Dada and Pop Art movements. There's also definitely a Punk aesthetic. I’m obsessed with lurid Day-Glo colours, and I’m trying not just to appropriate photographs, but often to annihilate them...

£900K CRF Grant Secures Immediate Future for Lighthouse

A future for Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts, is secured. Today, they announced they are to receive a grant of £987,964 from the Cultural Relief Fund. This funding comes as part of the £1.57 billion designated by the government to help cultural and entertainment venues like Lighthouse, Poole...

S. P. Thane, Poet

In the first video interview from HQB since February, we sat down with the young poet to discover the answers behind his love of poetry, the roots of his unusual new pen name, and, after getting one piece published, what's coming up from him in the near future...?

Seven-Year-Old Among Winners for Lighthouse Story Writing Competition

As part of its creative engagement program during lockdown, Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts ran a competition for writers to produce a bedtime story. The contest was open to people of all ages, with the winning entries to be commissioned and performed for the venue's weekly Sunday Bedtime Story video. And after narrowing the submissions down to a shortlist of ten, judge Donald Hutera, an arts journalist, has selected the three winning stories...

Bournemouth’s Connections to the Literary World

At first, Tolkien and his wife Edith, would only holiday in Bournemouth. Once again, they would always stay in the one place, this time it being the Hotel Miramar on the East Cliff. However, when Edith became increasingly frail, Tolkien closed the door on Oxford, and the couple retired to a modest, now demolished, bungalow that backed onto Branksome Chine, where they lived until Edith died in 1971...

Lighthouse Announces Reopening Date

Theatre executives advise that the initial reopening will be limited, consisting of the cinema, the Beacon Café, the ticket office and some behind-closed-doors rehearsals, courses and classes. In addition, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is expected to start rehearsing in the concert hall again. During this time, Lighthouse will dedicate its time to developing a pop-up film studio, in which digital content can be created for concerts and other performances...

Dale Hurst, Novelist

Sin & Secrecy was inspired by reading the classic works from the big 18th and 19th Century writers like Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Jane Austen, and watching adaptations thereof. I really wanted to write a story channelling my love for these styles and characters and language, but that placed them all in one common setting. I couldn’t tell you exactly what sparked the idea in the mind of a 15-year-old of four children conspiring to murder their headmistress, but that was the seed from which Sin & Secrecy and its prequel grew...

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