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Monika Theodoris, Fashion Entrepreneur

Three months after I opened my business, I was shocked to receive a call from the presenter and fashion coach Gok Wan to work with him. He actually supports independent businesses, so we worked together and organized a fashion show in 2018. I learnt a lot about him in terms of fashion, but mostly in terms of confidence at the time to dress. He always says that age is just a number. The most important is to feel confident with what you are wearing...

Cameron Varnish, Founder: Hurricane Apparel

I didn't really think anything of it until the events company came along. We were trying to get some branded merchandise together. Just for giveaways and to wear at our events - to give us an edge over everyone else. Went to a guy in Winton - Otto House - fantastic printer - who does screen printing. When you do a screen, you have to do a lot. Like a minimum order of 20, and they all have to be the same. Great quality, but I was there thinking, "I want every one to be different. If there was a way of doing it differently, I would do it"...

Dom Hughes, Co-Founder: Myriad

So, I worked in the recycling industry after graduation, which gave me an insight into end-of-life products and the journey they go on. One of the key things I took away from that was that recycling is good, but there's so much more that we can do to take it a step further and obtain a greater value from the products. A lot of this boils down to how the products are designed...

Bournemouth Tailors Genna Amera Making Scrubs for NHS Workers

The National Health Service has been at the front of our minds throughout this pandemic. And the Bournemouth tailor Genna Amera is no exception. Founder Genna Tourh announced last week that she will be putting her skills to good use producing scrubs for NHS workers...

Stephanie Wyatt, Miss Earth 2019

Miss Earth is different to your everyday beauty pageant. It is an environmentally-focused competition, which is a platform for change. For example, one of our challenges, which was judged, was to create an eco-warrior outfit. I decided to make mine completely out of real flowers. I believe that we are sending out a message here, showing the public that we all have a responsibility to preserve and attend to the needs of the world we live in...

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