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5 Contemporary Authors from Bournemouth

Bournemouth and the surrounding scenic towns have served as creative retreats for a handful of locally and internationally renowned writers. Best-selling authors such as fantasy novel writer J.R.R. Tolkien, the late master of espionage novels John Le Carré, and Scottish novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson lived in or frequently visited the area...

5 Musicians to Catch Live at Picnic on the Piste

Who's seen the Christmas decorations in Bournemouth town centre yet? Sure, it's not exactly what we're used to (compared to last year's Christmas Tree Wonderland, anyway), but they've done pretty well. And one of the more festively-decorated spots in Bournemouth Gardens is the Picnic Park Deli, near the Pavilion Theatre...

Two New Releases for zoltan. This December

"When I wrote this song, I didn’t really have a specific meaning in mind, but more of a feeling. The feeling of letting go, whether that is good or bad. Just the feeling of release. For me it represents a battle with myself, in which I finally try and allow myself to just be me. Letting go of everything else. This song, being the first track of the upcoming EP, “Parasite”, captures this idea perfectly and sets the mood for the rest of the release..."

Studio Zipcode Offically Back to Business

The shop was still operating online during the second lockdown. But as of 4th December, you are welcome to come in-store and browse around. At a time when shopping locally has never been more important, this independent shop, which made its way into our community during the first lockdown, has come back to greet us with its funky, original, and creative signature style. Studio Zipcode started as an online platform during the first lockdown and its success led it to expand into a physical store in Winton...

FOAMA to Feature in Marvin’s Room Christmas Special

JLS' Marvin Humes has announced a Christmas Special of Marvin's Room - a YouTube live stream. And this time, the line-up features local DJs FOAMA. Adam Turner, Matt Jolliffe and Adam Jaynoy, the guys behind FOAMA, will open the Marvin's Room set on 11th December. But how do they feel about getting to play such a prominent role...?

5 Books Set in Bournemouth

With its seven-mile stretch of golden beaches, famous pier, and Victorian-era resort hotels, Bournemouth inspired many writers since its foundation in 1810. In his book Tess of d'Urbervilles, novelist Thomas Hardy described Bournemouth as a "Mediterranean lounging place on the English Channel." This list covers five books written by three authors in which Bournemouth appears as a significant setting...

Mike Dowdall, a.k.a. Mad Definition, Rapper / Lyricist

For years I have suffered with mental health issues, and I wanted something sentimental and catchy whilst using my initials. I also used to get called mad a lot, so one day it came to me. I am the definition of mad, so I like to write about mental health and how people can overcome issues and problems they may also face...

Ross Prior, Tiktoker

Sometimes, it only takes one viral video to make a Tiktoker out of someone. Ross Prior is living proof of that. We hear the...

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