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South Coast Revival Festival: All You Need To Know

Our mission is to provide a spotlight on the local events scene, and some much-needed work for all members of the events and music supply chain. We plan to raise funds that will be used to help those in the industry affected by the virus. We ask anyone involved in the South Coast music scene to get in touch...

Scenes of Berlin, Band

This last year has been very self-reflective... introspective... for many people. I think in the US, with the Black Lives Matter movement... as a country, we responded to what happened over there. And a lot of us took a look at ourselves and our history. So I think our record is very liberal. It never set out to be a political record - and trust me, there are songs on there that aren't political at all. But there are genuine stabs at looking at our history. And Oli is a bit of a history buff. He comes to me with things... "I've been watching a documentary on this..." and all of a sudden, he's written something...

New Jersey Film Awards: Poole Filmmaker Bags Two Wins

Filmmaker and Bournemouth University graduate Mohammad Mouselmani has bagged two awards at the New Jersey Film Awards for January 2021. Mohammad, who is based in Poole, saw two of his projects screened at the awards, which premiered on YouTube on 1st February. The first, Not Your Doll, picked up the award for Best College Short. Meanwhile, the second, Black and Nothingness, an entrant at the Bournemouth-based Rising Tides Film Festival in 2020, won for Best Editing (for Sebastian Heinath)...

Nathan White: From Drugs to Creating an Empowering Clothing Brand

Creativity, love for colour, and meditation gave strength to Nathan to change his life. “Creativity is my mindfulness, my meditation," he explained. "In essence, when you create, you forget your troubles and pain. Therefore, during the creative process, the mind becomes silent, because a person focuses only on the project..."

Rosie-May Bartlett, Makeup Artist

Growing up in theatre, I had always seen what goes on behind the scenes. The sets and the costumes. But I was particularly always fascinated with the makeup department. I was amazed at how much work went into what these artists do. And the level of what they could achieve with some brushes. When I left Disney, I started to really experiment with makeup. About a year after, I set up my Instagram account and began to post pictures of my work. It's the same account that got me to where I am today in the makeup industry.

Kate Liana Green, Creator: Liana’s Kitchen

Plenty of people have sought to improve their cooking skills whilst stuck at home over the past year, and that’s a trend Kate Liana...

Luke Stones, Traceur / Social Media Influencer

Parkour has become a profession mainly through social media - especially Instagram. Other than that, there are a few commercials that I've done. Being a stunt double and stunt performer.  I have been doing parkour for eight or nine years now. And through putting my videos out there and getting my name known... I've started to get these jobs only in the last few years. Quite lucky, as I came out of the school system and out of college, that parkour has transitioned into my profession...

Jamie Webb, Videographer & Photographer

Ever since I was 14 or 15, I wanted to set up my own media company. And I went to college to specialise in media. I made the bold decision to make an Instagram account. Just wanted to get my work out there to as many people as I possibly could. The more work I did, the more it progressed and I built a bit of a following. And then I registered it as a business - JKW Media - which was followed by my getting more clients...

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