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Harvey Platt, Founder: My Fitness Advisor

I have always wanted to do something for myself. There has always been a burning urge. I remember going to an assessment day for a large investment bank. My degree is in Economics, and that is the standard route you go down -- either into investment banking or data analysis. And I just didn't enjoy it. It wasn't right for me. I thought, "This isn't something that I can get along with in the future". I think that was the catalyst that made me think, "I need to do something for myself"...

Joshua Simons, Co-Founder: Chicken & Blues

Street food was becoming quite a big thing in London. And a friend of mine who used to run one of our restaurants had moved back there, and he was always telling about these really cool, specialist street food vendors. Popping up into shops, doing one thing really well; whether that's burgers or pizza or whatever. So I went up there and had a look, and realised there was a distinct lack of high-quality barbeque chicken in Bournemouth and Poole. You had what you might deem your lower-quality, regular fried chicken, and Nando's, which is more your dine-in chicken restaurant. An opportunity arose to take a shop with a few friends, and Chicken & Blues was born...

Alejandra Carreño Garzon, Industrial Designer

I started wondering, "Who could be interested in this?" My business partner, Eduardo Ghini Cordero, joined me six months after I started working on the idea. He helped me see a different perspective, bouncing off ideas and support. Even though it's great to do things on your own, I do not have all the answers. We shared a lot of the same values and we introduced them into the platform: community, collaboration, value in knowledge, accessibility, sustainability...

Ben Ide, Founder: Ben’s Wood Den

I started doing it as it's always been a hobby. I've been doing woodwork since I was about 12. I don't have got any qualifications on paper; just taught myself over the years. I actually had my own carpentry business a few years ago now -- not called Ben's Wood Den - but I ended up stopping it because it was rather stressful. Too much work and I couldn't keep on top of it...

Studio Zipcode Offically Back to Business

The shop was still operating online during the second lockdown. But as of 4th December, you are welcome to come in-store and browse around. At a time when shopping locally has never been more important, this independent shop, which made its way into our community during the first lockdown, has come back to greet us with its funky, original, and creative signature style. Studio Zipcode started as an online platform during the first lockdown and its success led it to expand into a physical store in Winton...

Business Takes Off for Westbourne’s Delish Deli

It was back in 2008, when Matt and Hilary welcomed their daughter Tallulah into the world, that the original idea was born. During Hilary’s maternity leave, they noticed there weren’t many places where you could take your baby, enjoy a coffee, and spend time together as a family. They started exploring the idea of a soft play, coffee shop, kids entertainment-type area, and the idea grew from there...

Dan Buckley, Founder: Ocean View Marketing

My title at AFC Bournemouth was Marketing Manager. But for all intents and purposes, I was head of marketing and built that department from scratch. When I arrived at the football club, they didn’t have a marketing infrastructure. It was my job to put that in place. Over the three-and-a-half years, I built up a small department that ended up being two of us from nothing...

Dominic Taylor, Founder: Resonant Visuals

Resonant Visuals started out from my passion for photography and videography. I've carried that passion from a young age. Ever since the first moment I picked up a camera, I've enjoyed capturing moments in time and showing them to others for them to enjoy. Being able to do that whilst also earning a living and work for myself is something that's always appealed to me...!

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