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Cliff Towler, Artist / Founder: Creative Studios

The Poole-born artist never intended to choose a creative vocation. In his teenage years he worked an apprenticeship in a local silk screen printer shop. “I enjoyed it there, and I would have continued learning the skills. But unfortunately the business closed down and I had to reconsider my career,” he said. He chose to study illustration, life drawing and art history at the Arts University Bournemouth. “In the '70s, it was a very vibrant way to earn money. I could be creative and work on a variety of commercial projects. Being creative is not enough. You have to think how to earn a living,” Cliff said.

Jamie Webb, Videographer & Photographer

Ever since I was 14 or 15, I wanted to set up my own media company. And I went to college to specialise in media. I made the bold decision to make an Instagram account. Just wanted to get my work out there to as many people as I possibly could. The more work I did, the more it progressed and I built a bit of a following. And then I registered it as a business - JKW Media - which was followed by my getting more clients...

Carl Draper, Founder: Waveslider Photography

I spoke to a friend who had just come out of jail. He had reformed in prison and had new direction and purpose in life instead of robbing banks. He was living in Bournemouth, which he said was amazing. I was lost at the time - at a point in life where it was clear that jail or an early death was looking most likely. There's not much to do in a broken-down pit village! I went to visit him for the weekend and never went home. The people here were different and it felt like you could be who you want to be. People were genuinely nice...!

Artisan Studio Reveals Hidden Talents

Seven years ago, art projects manager Pauline Stanley realised she needed to make a change. Her work projects had become stale, and there were no new collaborations scheduled in her planner. Thus, in November 2013, she welcomed the first students to Artisan Studio, Bournemouth and Poole's Independent Community Art Studio...

Kristina Šukelytė, Photographer

I have been interested in photography since middle school. I loved to play with my grandad’s film camera -- I found it really mesmerising how the image appears on the paper from nothing. In addition, I love looking back at old photos. We are so lucky to live in an age when we can capture special moments in photographs and keep them with us forever. Plus, I love working with people. It's very rewarding to be able to capture memories for them. I would say it's my passion...

Top 5 Photographers to Look Out For in 2021

We haven't seen the world as much as we would have liked to in 2020. The beauty of social media is that there are multiple platforms where we can share the most incredible pictures we've been able to capture, no matter what restrictions we are under. Bournemouth and its residents are no exception...

Ben Ide, Founder: Ben’s Wood Den

I started doing it as it's always been a hobby. I've been doing woodwork since I was about 12. I don't have got any qualifications on paper; just taught myself over the years. I actually had my own carpentry business a few years ago now -- not called Ben's Wood Den - but I ended up stopping it because it was rather stressful. Too much work and I couldn't keep on top of it...

Lauren Stephenson, Illustrator

Before uni, I took two years out. I couldn't decide what to do and I got some experience with animal welfare. But eventually I went back to what I did when I was younger, when I wasn't enjoying what I was doing. In my year off I did a portfolio, and that's when I applied for the foundation course to get into uni...

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