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Harry Shaw, Golf Coach

I played at a very high standard when I was younger. Actually, I was the county captain for numerous years. I broke into the men's first team when I was 16. Managed to travel away with them quite a bit. I played in Portugal and at a couple of events in America as well. I had a really cool and fun childhood with golf. It then became more of a hobby as I grew up and I've just got back into it this year, playing at the Clutch Tour as a professional...

Redefining Me: Filmmakers Hope Documentary Will Inspire Others Facing Life-Changing Adversity

Ben’s story begins when he was a professional swimmer. A man with goals and aspirations to make it to the London 2012 Olympics. Until one fateful day down Sandbanks beach, where he dove into a wave and hit his head, breaking his neck, and ultimately becoming paralysed from the chest down. “The film is essentially my life in three minutes,” Ben told us. “That’s obviously very difficult to tell, so we wanted to do a specific narrative with it. It was all about the title, which is how I had to redefine myself once I had my injury..."

Carl Draper, Founder: Waveslider Photography

I spoke to a friend who had just come out of jail. He had reformed in prison and had new direction and purpose in life instead of robbing banks. He was living in Bournemouth, which he said was amazing. I was lost at the time - at a point in life where it was clear that jail or an early death was looking most likely. There's not much to do in a broken-down pit village! I went to visit him for the weekend and never went home. The people here were different and it felt like you could be who you want to be. People were genuinely nice...!

Council and Charities Collaborate to Support Rough Sleepers

For institutions that provide support for the homeless in the tough winter months, COVID-19 has made life much more difficult. In previous years, St. Stephen’s Church in Bournemouth and the United Reform Church in Poole have both offered support and shelter for rough sleepers. This year, however, the risk of Coronavirus spreading in communal shelters has made them unable to offer the same level of assistance. Organisations that have been able to provide support, meanwhile, are having to deal with new challenges posed by Coronavirus...

Transfer Window: Who Should Bournemouth Sign This January?

For the majority of this season, Bournemouth haven’t been able to put games to bed – five of Bournemouth’s eleven wins have only been by a one-goal margin. The Cherries have also recorded the third-most draws in the league – three coming from winning positions and another three goalless. This once again highlights Bournemouth’s inability to see games out. On paper, Bournemouth’s 37 goals are impressive, but their 45 expected goals (a metric which assesses every chance, essentially answering the question of whether a player should score from certain opportunities) would suggest the Cherries have squandered multiple chances...

Jai Chandegra, Bar Manager

I have actually lived in Australia a couple of times. I lived in Brisbane for a year-and-a-half, and in Melbourne for a year. In Brisbane, I was just bartending in bars and restaurants, whereas in Melbourne, I was managing venues as well. I would say my favourite place in Melbourne was this little neighbourhood bar called Collection Bar. It was partly owned by this genius dude... I can't remember his name, but I remember this cocktail he created called The Laphroaig Project -- it's amazing...

AFC Bournemouth: The Threat of the Transfer Window

The Cherries sit in third place of the Championship table after following their 1-0 victory over Stoke City at the weekend. These impressive performances have highlighted just how talented their squad is. It is a reveal that could put their future success at risk. The transfer window rumours have begun to swarm that many great names are being tipped for big money departures...

AFC Bournemouth Comes Together to Condemn Racist Abuse

AFC Bournemouth have condemned the online racial abuse directed at Junior Stanislas after Saturday’s 1-0 win at Stoke. In a statement posted on the club website, chief executive Neill Blake described the comments as "disgusting" and "completely intolerable". "I am astounded that people believe writing and posting these comments is acceptable", said Blake. "We will be contacting Twitter and the FA for their help in identifying the individual concerned, and will pursue the strongest possible action against them".

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