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Support and Mentoring Enabling Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Lives by Teaching Self-Employment Skills

Founded in 2016, the Support and Mentoring Enabling Entrepreneurship (SAMEE) charity upholds three values in its work: welcoming, honest, and daring. The organisation was founded to help individuals make informed decisions about their lives, achieve financial independence, and coach them in employability skills. The charity is located in Boscombe, but it widely operates across the South...

Matthew Orchard, Founder: Break the Mould Marketing

Holding down a busy family life with three kids and managing your own business is not something many would consider an easy feat. But...

Harvey Platt, Founder: My Fitness Advisor

I have always wanted to do something for myself. There has always been a burning urge. I remember going to an assessment day for a large investment bank. My degree is in Economics, and that is the standard route you go down -- either into investment banking or data analysis. And I just didn't enjoy it. It wasn't right for me. I thought, "This isn't something that I can get along with in the future". I think that was the catalyst that made me think, "I need to do something for myself"...

Poole Sailor Battles to Finish Line of the Vendée Globe

Pip Hare crossed the finish line to take an excellent 19th place out of the 33 sailors who entered this year’s Vendée Globe. The non-stop solo sailing race around the globe is considered one of the world’s toughest sporting challenges. Sailing coach, yachtswoman, and journalist Pip was inspired to enter the race by the fact that more men have walked on the moon than women have completed the Vendée Globe...

Quidditch – The Community Magic in the South West

Still relatively new to the sporting world, Quidditch has become a popular growing sport in the UK, with the first official UK Quidditch team being founded in 2012. As explained on the Quidditch UK website, Quidditch consists of two teams playing against each other to score points; whichever team scores the most wins. Like the Harry Potter series, players must keep a broom (a PVC pipe) between their legs when playing...

South Coast Revival Festival: All You Need To Know

Our mission is to provide a spotlight on the local events scene, and some much-needed work for all members of the events and music supply chain. We plan to raise funds that will be used to help those in the industry affected by the virus. We ask anyone involved in the South Coast music scene to get in touch...

Joshua Simons, Co-Founder: Chicken & Blues

Street food was becoming quite a big thing in London. And a friend of mine who used to run one of our restaurants had moved back there, and he was always telling about these really cool, specialist street food vendors. Popping up into shops, doing one thing really well; whether that's burgers or pizza or whatever. So I went up there and had a look, and realised there was a distinct lack of high-quality barbeque chicken in Bournemouth and Poole. You had what you might deem your lower-quality, regular fried chicken, and Nando's, which is more your dine-in chicken restaurant. An opportunity arose to take a shop with a few friends, and Chicken & Blues was born...

Jason Tindall Replacement: Bournemouth Job Up For Grabs

Dismissing Jason Tindall was an inevitability, after losing four games on the bounce and only picking up one win in Bournemouth’s last eight matches. Tindall’s downfall was the inability to beat relegation threatened teams. Even Bournemouth’s victories looked, for the most part, unconvincing. In 2021, the attack turned stagnant, creativity was scarce, and the football became pedestrian. The team only managed to score five in Tindall’s last eight games (well below league average)...

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