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Remembering Poole’s Spymaster, John Le Carré

The illicit activities of his father, who had a reputation as a con-man, gave Cornwell his first experience of the duplicity and secrecy that he would experience first-hand as an MI6 agent, and portray so vividly as a writer. Years later, he dramatized elements of his childhood in the novel A Perfect Spy, using his father as inspiration for the scheming con-man Rick Pym...

Top 5 Photographers to Look Out For in 2021

We haven't seen the world as much as we would have liked to in 2020. The beauty of social media is that there are multiple platforms where we can share the most incredible pictures we've been able to capture, no matter what restrictions we are under. Bournemouth and its residents are no exception...

Undefeated: In Conversation with Lee Cutler

Formerly a speedway rider, it’s safe to say that Lee Cutler made the right decision ditching the oval track for a life between the ropes. The transition from speedway to boxing was brave. At the time, Cutler was a highly-regarded speedway prospect at the Under-15 level, after finishing second in several British tournaments and competing against riders who have gone on to race professionally. But speedway wasn’t cheap, and the financial investment was hard to recoup (even for the elite riders). For that reason, he decided to pursue a career in boxing...

Unbeaten Bournemouth Boxer Wins Bout In Bilbao

On the night, Ruegg made up for the height disparity with his quick and elusive style. The up-and-coming star has moulded his fighting style on Naseem Hamed (AKA Prince Naseem). And it shows. The Ace emulates The Prince’s exceptional showmanship; occasionally putting his hands down, taunting the opponent to throw while he stands there dodging each punch...

Captain Cod: Giving Back to the Community

Much of Captain Cod's success over the past few months can be attributed to their app, launched earlier this year to facilitate deliveries and bring in more customers. The implementation of the app, according to Vicky, was recommended by a winner of Fish and Chips of the Year at Women in Fish and Chips - a new convention in Birmingham celebrating the achievements of female-owned chip shops...

Sara Pascoe, Psychologist / Writer

I had wanted to be a psychologist since I was about 11. When we cleared out my dad’s house after he died, I came across an old essay I’d written at that age. The assignment must have been to write about your professional aspirations. I banged on about how I wanted to be a psychologist, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a clinical psychologist and do therapy, or be a research psychologist. That cracked me up because it made me sound awfully serious for a kid, and I ended up doing both anyway. I’d always been interested in animal behaviour since I was really little, so I think psychology was a natural outgrowth of that...

FOAMA: In Conversation with Matt Jolliffe and Adam Jaynoy

Adding to the list of jewels in our interviewee crown, we got to speak with the biggest DJ teams coming out of Bournemouth. Allow...

Georgia Hall Wins Cambia Portland Classic for her First Major US Victory

A visibly emotional and understandably choked-up Georgia Hall wiped away tears of joy after she won the Cambia Portland Classic. A deep sigh of relief and wry giggle as she said, “I am just so happy!” in response to how she felt. Deservedly so! 14 years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice came to fruition with Georgia claiming her first US title...

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