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Tia Wells

Tia Wells
One of the first graduates of the new Creative Writing course at AUB, Tia's mantra has always been 'just write.' As such, she finds inspiration from people, palettes, and places around her. This includes Bournemouth, the town in which she was born. Though she has called Bournemouth home for over 20 years, Tia still treats it as unexplored territory filled with stories begging to be discovered. Her interests range from music to food - both of which she enjoys consuming without having any idea how to make.

5 Contemporary Authors from Bournemouth

Bournemouth and the surrounding scenic towns have served as creative retreats for a handful of locally and internationally renowned writers. Best-selling authors such as fantasy novel writer J.R.R. Tolkien, the late master of espionage novels John Le Carré, and Scottish novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson lived in or frequently visited the area...

5 Books Set in Bournemouth

With its seven-mile stretch of golden beaches, famous pier, and Victorian-era resort hotels, Bournemouth inspired many writers since its foundation in 1810. In his book Tess of d'Urbervilles, novelist Thomas Hardy described Bournemouth as a "Mediterranean lounging place on the English Channel." This list covers five books written by three authors in which Bournemouth appears as a significant setting...

Ayriss, Musician

Bournemouth-based musician Ayriss opens up about his latest album, the personal inspiration behind his evocative lyrics, and how lockdown has been a "blessing in...

Tanya Cutler, Writer

My children inspire a lot of my stories - this book came from my youngest sleep talking. One night my little boy was talking in his sleep and I went to check on him. Something he said in his dream made a lightbulb ding in my head, and I was up until 2am the next morning plotting and drafting...

5 People You Didn’t Know Were From Bournemouth

From a BAFTA Award-nominee to a Top 10-charting Misfit, Bournemouth and Poole boasts an impressive roster of celebrity alumni. Here are just five famous faces you may have seen around town back in the day...

Captain Cod: Giving Back to the Community

Much of Captain Cod's success over the past few months can be attributed to their app, launched earlier this year to facilitate deliveries and bring in more customers. The implementation of the app, according to Vicky, was recommended by a winner of Fish and Chips of the Year at Women in Fish and Chips - a new convention in Birmingham celebrating the achievements of female-owned chip shops...

Top 5 Noodle Restaurants in Bournemouth

For years, my knowledge of noodles only spanned from Super to Pot. It wasn’t until the eve of my 20s when I discovered the umami charm of udon and the tingling allure of spicy ramen. Ever since then, I have been on a mission to find the best noodles available on my doorstep...

Poole and Bournemouth Netball Clubs Return to Courts

The new government guidelines allow organised outdoor sports such as netball. Adhering to official regulations announced by England Netball on 22nd September, netball is currently at Stage 4 on the Return to Play Roadmap. This means competitions are permitted, providing they are modified following the government framework...

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