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Dan Rushton

Dan is a Birmingham-born lad who moved down to Brighton in the summer of 2019 to pursue a career in PR within the entertainment technology industry. The events industry was hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. In March 2020 he made the move to Bournemouth and intends to stay here to try take his career further. He has always been a keen writer and talker, describing himself as confident, funny and outgoing. His interests include politics, football, art, music and live entertainment. He has been with HQB since June 2020.

Boscombe Boosted by Multimillion-Pound Regeneration Plan

The investment is just shy of £22 million and will help create hundreds of new jobs in the local area. Boscombe has often been the subject of controversy. However, the investment will help silence the dogmatic views perpetuated by those not fully aware of Boscombe's potential...

Ryan Spicer, Brand Influencer

The world of social media has vastly grown over the last ten years. A lot of the power of social media lies with influencers...

The Six Hidden Gems of Boscombe

Boscombe is an interesting place to live. It’s really not as bad as people make out. We take a look at six hidden gems...

Dorset Tourism Awards 2020: The Winners

The 2020 Dorset Tourism Awards were hosted online. Forming a welcome distraction from the difficulties the hospitality industry has faced this past year. Awards organiser Robin Barker said: “It would have been very easy to cancel the awards this year. We did think long and hard about it, but the level of early entries we received in spite of everything, and the creativity and determination shown by entrants inspired us to find a way to make this happen – and your responses and feedback ever since have completely blown us away."

Dorset Tourism Awards 2020: Finalists from Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

The competition, which is in its eighth year, will end with its awards day, scheduled for 4th February. Although tourism has endured unprecedented times due to the pandemic, it is only right that the awards go ahead. Clare Bushby of Clockwork Marketing, which sponsors the awards, said, “The Dorset Tourism Awards are more vital than ever before. They provide normality during a surreal time, where everything seems weighted against hospitality...”

Carl Draper, Founder: Waveslider Photography

I spoke to a friend who had just come out of jail. He had reformed in prison and had new direction and purpose in life instead of robbing banks. He was living in Bournemouth, which he said was amazing. I was lost at the time - at a point in life where it was clear that jail or an early death was looking most likely. There's not much to do in a broken-down pit village! I went to visit him for the weekend and never went home. The people here were different and it felt like you could be who you want to be. People were genuinely nice...!

Things To Do: Geocaching

Geocaching mainly appeals to younger audiences. As such, it can be perfect for parents who are stuck for things to do with the kids during lockdown. But it's not only exciting for children. The sense of achievement you get when you do find a cache is kind of special, so it's definitely worth giving it a go no matter how old you are...

St. Michael’s Middle School: “Absence” Makes the School Grow Stronger

Rehearsed in COVID-safe classrooms over the last few weeks, over 600 pupils aged between ten and 13 have learnt the melody and the lyrics as part of their music lessons. They have been able to showcase their skills, gain confidence and contribute to a great cause. Whilst the song title suggests otherwise, the actual meaning of it is quite the opposite of absence. It's all about presence, the importance of caring for the people we love even if we can't be close to them this year.

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