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Mitch Parris

Mitch Parris
Mitch describes himself as a local chap in Bournemouth, with the knowledge for all things football. And that's just the kind of content you can expect and, hopefully, enjoy! Of course, he never became that sporting star himself (still hurts... so we're told), but through reading various articles and content taught Mitch that football (and sport in general) was far more than just fancy flicks and tricks — and that the right kind of content can shed light on aspects of the game that make it surprising, impactful, engaging and universal.

This is a Man’s World: The Rise of Women in the Sport Industry

For those who watched, the Lionesses progressed to the final four, creating not only history but the dawn of a new era. Since these successes, it has inspired corporations to back the women’s game to encourage more young girls to get into sport. Barclays was one of the record spenders with a figure to be believed around £18 million to support the evolution of the game, and with a pledge to support the FA in creating Girls Football School Partnerships. Meaning over 6,000 more schools will now offer children the opportunity to play football and sport in general...

How Has Digital Accelerated in Media and Sport During the Pandemic?

Over the last 12 months, there has been a monumental increase in the use of digital. From Zoom meetings to spending more time in...

The Many Roles of Football Coaching – An Insight into AFC Bournemouth’s Academy Setup

“As part of the academy we have here, we also have what’s called a Foundation Phase, which ranges from Under-9s to Under-12s," Elliot explained. "As part of this phase, I head up the Training and Games Programme, run by our different coaches, whilst also maintaining our support for the players...”

Women in Sport, with Claire Taylor

The role of women in sport has drastically changed over the years, and we can finally begin to see a shift in emphasis. From...

Fraser Read, AFC Bournemouth Marketing Assistant

Transferring University Gowns for Premier Professional Success At the present time, for many, finding a job straight out of University is easier said than done....

A Day in the Life of a Football Cameraman – Graham Howe

Sport has always been a massively important part of my life. I come from a very sporty background on my mother's side - one of my mum's brothers was a very successful professional footballer. I played at all levels of football up to international. In schoolboy football, I was on the books as youngster at Luton Town and Arsenal; I didn't get very far for various reasons. So I think to me, sport probably got me where I am today more than academia...

Cashing In: Bournemouth Economy Boost with Premier Success

On 27th April 2015, AFC Bournemouth stole all the headlines as they earnt a promotion to the Premier League. A moment in football many fans could only see in their wildest dreams, but Eddie Howe and his team very quickly became talk of the town. This amazing feat sent supporters into elation, yet, even more so, there was plenty of room for optimism for the town of Bournemouth and South West region...

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