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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dale Hurst

HQB Media's Editor Dale Hurst is a novelist, restaurant critic and presenter. A graduate in Multimedia Journalism from Solent University, he has a wide variety of journalistic experience, ranging from reviewing top London restaurants to interviewing MPs for BBC Radio. Dale is the author of two mystery novels and also a part-time singer.

Bournemouth Backchat Episode #45 — The Comeback from COVID

No guests for us this week in the end. Leaving the Bournemouth Backchat trio to their own devices to discuss coming back in a...

Mindful March: Motive UK Pledges 20% Profits to Dorset Mind Throughout March

Bournemouth-based activewear and leisurewear company Motive UK kicked this month off with their Mindful March campaign. Its key aim, as company founder Adam Baxter described, is "promoting physical activity and encouraging people to be mindful of their own mental health. But also to look out for those around them and help inspire people to stay active." As part of the campaign, Motive will be giving 20% of their profits to Dorset Mind...

Mace Ruegg Set For Next Bout in Bolton

Bournemouth boxer Mace Ruegg hasn't let COVID-19 get in his way. Even with the third national lockdown, he and his team have still been hard at work. Training and constant COVID-testing, all to get him to his next fight. Last time HQB spoke to Mace, he had just returned from Bilbao, victorious over Venezuelan Sandro Hernandez. This next fixture was also meant to be in Spain, but instead has settled for English soil, in Bolton...

GIANT Launches Inaugural Exhibition “CRASH”

Bournemouth's first contemporary art gallery GIANT launches its first exhibition. Bringing some of the world's most celebrated visual artists to our town for the...

Debut Single from Susie Kimber Hits the Airwaves

Susie explained the response to the song: "Presenters and producers have been so welcoming. I just want as many people as possible to enjoy my song. 'Don't Wait' was written during lockdown, with the message don't wait to tell someone you love them...

JKW Media: New Documentary Aims to “Help Students Realise They Don’t Have to Drink to Fit In…”

"It is to help people who are looking to go to, or already at university, realise that you don’t have to drink to fit in. I want them to understand that there is so many other ways to enjoy yourself during your time at university. Whether it's going on walks with your friends... watching films... There are so many activities to do..."

Harvey Platt, Founder: My Fitness Advisor

I have always wanted to do something for myself. There has always been a burning urge. I remember going to an assessment day for a large investment bank. My degree is in Economics, and that is the standard route you go down -- either into investment banking or data analysis. And I just didn't enjoy it. It wasn't right for me. I thought, "This isn't something that I can get along with in the future". I think that was the catalyst that made me think, "I need to do something for myself"...

Joshua Simons, Co-Founder: Chicken & Blues

Street food was becoming quite a big thing in London. And a friend of mine who used to run one of our restaurants had moved back there, and he was always telling about these really cool, specialist street food vendors. Popping up into shops, doing one thing really well; whether that's burgers or pizza or whatever. So I went up there and had a look, and realised there was a distinct lack of high-quality barbeque chicken in Bournemouth and Poole. You had what you might deem your lower-quality, regular fried chicken, and Nando's, which is more your dine-in chicken restaurant. An opportunity arose to take a shop with a few friends, and Chicken & Blues was born...

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