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Jamie Guerra

Jamie Guerra
Jamie is a Bournemouth-bred, sports media graduate from the University of Chichester, looking to fulfil his lifelong ambition of working in the sports journalism field. He is a passionate and competitive sportsman, who has played numerous sports from the age of five. However, he is now converting his passion for sport away from the field to focus on his writing, and hopes to produce intelligent and insightful sport stories to share with a wider audience.

Jason Tindall Replacement: Bournemouth Job Up For Grabs

Dismissing Jason Tindall was an inevitability, after losing four games on the bounce and only picking up one win in Bournemouth’s last eight matches. Tindall’s downfall was the inability to beat relegation threatened teams. Even Bournemouth’s victories looked, for the most part, unconvincing. In 2021, the attack turned stagnant, creativity was scarce, and the football became pedestrian. The team only managed to score five in Tindall’s last eight games (well below league average)...

En Route to a 100K Ultra-Marathon: In Conversation with Sascha von Rappard

Sash is an experienced long-distance runner and all-round athlete. Formerly a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter (a physically gruelling sport in its own right), he is now an avid "adventure runner". And a good one at that! He has set a personal best in the 10K of 44 minutes, which is considered exceptional. A far cry from a year ago, when Sash suffered an unknown injury to his foot that completely prevented him from running. One year on and he is running upwards of 200km a month. His passion for fitness comes from his father, who was a professional bodybuilder, and this inspired Sash to become a personal trainer...

Say What You See: In Conversation with Gary Taphouse

Gary studied multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University -- the first nationally accredited journalism course in the country. While studying, he contacted a Charminster-based production company that often filmed AFC Bournemouth matches. Back then, Bournemouth were a League One side with virtually no finances, in need of a commentator. Gary jumped at the opportunity. “[Bournemouth] said ‘we can’t pay you, but you’re welcome to give it a try’. A few days later -- Bournemouth versus Bristol Rovers -- I did the commentary on my own with a single camera”. He clearly impressed, and stayed throughout that season...

Transfer Window: Who Should Bournemouth Sign This January?

For the majority of this season, Bournemouth haven’t been able to put games to bed – five of Bournemouth’s eleven wins have only been by a one-goal margin. The Cherries have also recorded the third-most draws in the league – three coming from winning positions and another three goalless. This once again highlights Bournemouth’s inability to see games out. On paper, Bournemouth’s 37 goals are impressive, but their 45 expected goals (a metric which assesses every chance, essentially answering the question of whether a player should score from certain opportunities) would suggest the Cherries have squandered multiple chances...

Undefeated: In Conversation with Lee Cutler

Formerly a speedway rider, it’s safe to say that Lee Cutler made the right decision ditching the oval track for a life between the ropes. The transition from speedway to boxing was brave. At the time, Cutler was a highly-regarded speedway prospect at the Under-15 level, after finishing second in several British tournaments and competing against riders who have gone on to race professionally. But speedway wasn’t cheap, and the financial investment was hard to recoup (even for the elite riders). For that reason, he decided to pursue a career in boxing...

AFC Bournemouth: Supporters Back in the Stands

In the wake of Boris Johnson’s latest announcement, football stadia across the country will welcome fans into the stands from 2nd December. However, the news is subject to regional restrictions via the tier system. Tier One areas will allow up to 4,000 supporters to attend, while Tier Two areas can welcome back up to 2,000. Unfortunately, those in Tier Three areas will have to continue playing games behind closed doors. Thankfully, Bournemouth is in Tier Two...!

Tino Anjorin: From Bournemouth to the Bridge

Anjorin showed natural footballing ability from a young age. Passed down from his father Sheriff, who was an academy prospect at Brighton. Tino’s raw talent put him on the books at AFC Bournemouth from the age of four. But it was a volley in a London-based tournament final that caught the attention of Chelsea scout Daniel Castle. And the rest is history…

A New Beginning for Poole Pirates

Earlier this year the Pirates, decided to embark on a new voyage, dropping to the Speedway Championship to conquer unfamiliar foes. Living up to their name, with Neil Middleditch at the helm, the Poole Pirates have defended their citadel (otherwise known as Wimborne Road). For the last two decades, Middleditch and his crew have intimidated all visitors coming to the South Coast. And they will look to continue doing so in their new conference...

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