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Gabija Steponenaite

Gabija Steponenaite, or just Gabi, is Deputy Editor at HQB Media. She is an international journalist with experience reporting for several national and local newspapers in Lithuania and the US. She grew up in Soviet Lithuania, when international travels were severely restricted. Her childhood curiosity and eagerness to visit foreign countries grew into a determination to become a journalist and report on different cultures. For over two decades, she lived in the US and wrote stories that matter from the humanist point of view. A year ago Gabi relocated to the UK, where she continues to learn about its people and culture. In her free time, she creates abstract watercolours, loves reading mystery novels and sipping berry smoothies on the beach.

Community Mapping: Connecting People One Click at a Time

Founder of civic and social organisation If Everyone Cares, Jaki King spent all her savings and sold her house to fund her life’s dream project. She works on creating a national resource that lists all UK charities, offers volunteering opportunities, and connects local businesses with sponsorship. Now, Jaki and a team of volunteers have developed a community map, aDoddle.org. For use both locally and nationwide...

Support and Mentoring Enabling Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Lives by Teaching Self-Employment Skills

Founded in 2016, the Support and Mentoring Enabling Entrepreneurship (SAMEE) charity upholds three values in its work: welcoming, honest, and daring. The organisation was founded to help individuals make informed decisions about their lives, achieve financial independence, and coach them in employability skills. The charity is located in Boscombe, but it widely operates across the South...

Nathan White: From Drugs to Creating an Empowering Clothing Brand

Creativity, love for colour, and meditation gave strength to Nathan to change his life. “Creativity is my mindfulness, my meditation," he explained. "In essence, when you create, you forget your troubles and pain. Therefore, during the creative process, the mind becomes silent, because a person focuses only on the project..."

Cliff Towler, Artist / Founder: Creative Studios

The Poole-born artist never intended to choose a creative vocation. In his teenage years he worked an apprenticeship in a local silk screen printer shop. “I enjoyed it there, and I would have continued learning the skills. But unfortunately the business closed down and I had to reconsider my career,” he said. He chose to study illustration, life drawing and art history at the Arts University Bournemouth. “In the '70s, it was a very vibrant way to earn money. I could be creative and work on a variety of commercial projects. Being creative is not enough. You have to think how to earn a living,” Cliff said.

Artisan Studio Reveals Hidden Talents

Seven years ago, art projects manager Pauline Stanley realised she needed to make a change. Her work projects had become stale, and there were no new collaborations scheduled in her planner. Thus, in November 2013, she welcomed the first students to Artisan Studio, Bournemouth and Poole's Independent Community Art Studio...

A Glimpse of Victorian Christmas at Russell-Cotes Gallery and Museum

“We are the only remaining Victorian villa in the town," said Elissa Noon, Learning Assistant at Russell-Cotes Gallery and Museum. "Therefore, we wanted to recreate the Victorian Christmas experience." A historic villa filled with an exceptional collection of art and natural history artefacts, is a unique survivor of Victorian Bournemouth. It was a home to hotel owners and collectors Sir Merton and Lady Russell-Cotes from 1901...

Tips on Staying Fit During the Holidays (with Mark Field)

“Workouts do not have to be intense and challenging," Mark explains. "Any movement will help you to achieve your fitness goals. As long as you do not stay on your sofa with a bag of crisps watching TV”. Standing up and going to the kitchen to wash dishes, hammering a nail into a wall, or walking an additional flight up the stairs burn calories. Mark advises his clients to deliberately “forget” things downstairs in their homes so they can do an extra flight of stairs to get it...

Poole Named 17th Happiest Place in UK. Residents Explain Why…

“Are you happy at home?” wonders property portal Rightmove as it asks residents to rank their hometowns. The company named the 20 happiest places...

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