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Scott Boeser

Scott Boeser
Scott is a Multimedia Journalism graduate from Southampton. He joins HQB Media with a passion for the creative industries and a personal interest in music. In addition, he has a self-professed love of nature and the outdoors, a passion that drives interests in ecology and the environmental debate. Through journalism, Scott hopes to broaden his understanding of the world around him, whilst giving his readers an insight into the things he encounters.

Kylie Keating, Founder: Intuitive Meals Ltd.

I got into plant-based food after I had my first child. So over four years ago. But I’ve never really eaten meat or much dairy. All the meals I make are the same meals I make for my family, so I thought I’d start to make a bit extra...

5 Sustainability Projects in Bournemouth You Must Hear About

Let's look at communities within Bournemouth that are shining a light for those of you who are still finding your feet with environmentalism. If you're still thinking, "Why?", green lifestyle changes are massively beneficial. Not just for us, but for the future generations that will come to live here too. These groups exist to maintain nature's beauty, and propel us towards a healthier lifestyle...

Matthew Orchard, Founder: Break the Mould Marketing

Holding down a busy family life with three kids and managing your own business is not something many would consider an easy feat. But...

South Coast Revival Festival: All You Need To Know

Our mission is to provide a spotlight on the local events scene, and some much-needed work for all members of the events and music supply chain. We plan to raise funds that will be used to help those in the industry affected by the virus. We ask anyone involved in the South Coast music scene to get in touch...

Brandon Moss, Photographer

Since starting my business, I have taken most of my inspiration from modern lifestyle, and contemporary art and music. This led me to specialise mainly in portrait photography. This was the initial interest to start a business. Turning a part time hobby into a full time job. However, more recently, I have started to branch out to offer commercial advertising photography for products, interiors and architecture, travel, and so on...

Harry Shaw, Golf Coach

I played at a very high standard when I was younger. Actually, I was the county captain for numerous years. I broke into the men's first team when I was 16. Managed to travel away with them quite a bit. I played in Portugal and at a couple of events in America as well. I had a really cool and fun childhood with golf. It then became more of a hobby as I grew up and I've just got back into it this year, playing at the Clutch Tour as a professional...

In Conversation with Magic by Alfie

I picked up magic in my early twenties whilst studying at university. At the time, practicing sleights and performing card trick after card trick seemed more stimulating than proofreading a dissertation. After hours of practicing in my student digs, I finally plucked up the courage to take my magic to the bars and clubs of Southampton, whereby, it soon dawned on me that I had a natural knack for entertaining and a passion for making others smile...

Virginia Coe, Co-Founder: Vinilo Record Store

A vibrant new shop, stacked with independent, eclectic music, classic and current. Get to know one of the owners of Vinilo Record Store and...

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